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Nora and Rose are entering the final year of their Undergraduate Degree when Nora is diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease. While their friendship and convictions are tested they girls find hope in humour.

When did you get involved?

Mackenzie [Lawrence] got in touch and mentioned her Web Series had made it through the Storyhive competition. I was glad to help out and intrigued to see how we would do working in a different genre to what I had been working in.

How did you handle the change?

I did a lot of listening to Macklemore, Robyn, and a whole host of musicians Mackenzie wanted me to check out. Of course I had heard of these guys, it was just a different focus for me.

It seemed to work.

I think so too. We wanted to create an atmosphere of current times. A girl working through university life but with a debilitating condition. It was an interesting dynamic and a poignant story.